Frequently Asked Questions - OnlyWizYou

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  • Sign up and log in
    • How can I sign up?
      • Connect using Facebook: that's what we recommend to benefit all options and be able to find and list your friends as easily as possible.
    • Who can sign up?

      People aged 18 or more who have a Facebook account.

    • Which Facebook data do you use?

      We collect basic information from Facebook to fill your profile automatically. We also collect your friends list to enable you to find and list them.

    • Which information is relevant to increase my chance to get a match?

      All information on your profile page.

      • Your location, age, gender and name enable to find you (the same way as you could search for a friend on Facebook)
      • Your current company or universty enable your colleagues or schoomates to find you and add you to their list.
      • Your first and last names are the quickest and most efficient way for someone who knows you to find and add you.

      The main purpose is to enable people who have a crush on you to be able to find and like you as easily as possible.

  • How do hearts work?
    • What is the purpose of hearts?

      Hearts enable to like profiles. You can give from 1 to hearts to each profile in order to like it. In case you don't want to like one profile, just click on the red cross.

    • How can I give hearts?

      Click on the heart located at the right position. For instance, if you want to give 3 hearts, click on the third heart. When you swipe right, only 1 heart is given to the profile.

    • Is there a limit ?

      Yes, the number of hearts you have is displayed in the main pages.

    • How can I have more hearts ?

      Every new user has 100 hearts. Every day, 50 new hearts are given to all users, but have to be used the same day to keep them for life! Every non-used heart among these 50 extra-hearts is lost. But don't worry! The following day, we repeat the process and increase your limit by 50 hearts!

    • How can I get my hearts back ?

      In your list, you can access all your likes with the number of hearts you gave. When you reduce one of your likes'number of hearts, we increase your limit by the same number. Every heart you retrieve can be used to like other profiles.

  • Everyting about the list and the Wiz
    • What is the list?

      Your list gathers all the profiles you liked. You will find your Wiz on top, in case you have one. You can modify your list by giving some of your likes more hearts or by removing some.

    • Can other users see my list?

      No, your list is confidential. Only you can see it.

    • What is a Wiz?

      A Wiz means we found the best possible match for you, among all your likes.
      A like is a profile you gave at least one heart to.

    • Where can I see my Wiz?

      Your Wiz, in case you have one, is displayed on top of your list, with a specific design.

    • Can I have more than one Wiz?

      Wiz is unique. You can have one Wiz only. But that's not all! The profile you Wiz has you and only you as her/his Wiz too.

    • How does the algorithm work?

      The algorithm was built so that 2 people cannot Wiz someone they both prefer to their current Wiz.

    • How does the algorithm know who I prefer to match with?

      With hearts! The number of hearts you give enable to know who you prefer and how strong.
      We consider you prefer to match a profile you give 2 hearts to rather than a profile you give 1 heart to. And so on.

    • I don't have any Wiz while I liked profiles. Why?

      This happens for one of the following reasons:

      • Users you liked didn't like you
      • Users you like already hace a Wiz: they match someone they liked more than you.

    • I liked an user who liked me, but none of us has a Wiz. Is this possible?

      No. If you don't have any Wiz, reasons are described above.

    • When can I know if I have a Wiz?

      Wiz are updated everyday at 11:00am. Connect after the update and go to your list to know if you have a Wiz.

    • My Wiz disappeared !?

      This can happen for the following reasons:

      • You removed the profile you had a Wiz with from your list.
      • Now your Wiz is a profile you liked more (and who liked you more). Since Wiz is unique, the former one disappears for the new one.
      • Your Wiz'list changed: she/he removed you or had a Wiz with someone she/he likes more.

  • Search other users
    • What does "Friends" mean?

      Your Facebook friends.

    • What does "Colleagues" mean?

      Users who filled the same company/university name in their profile.

    • What does "strangers" mean?

      All users who aren't your "Friends" or "Colleagues".

    • How can I search for and find someone?

      You can find a member by :

      • Writing her/his name
      • By writing her/his Facebook name if you are Facebook friends
      • By scrolling profiles after you filtered by company/university name
      • By scrolling profiles after you applied the right filters :)

    • I can't find a specific user

      • She/he might not have signed up. Invite her/him !
      • She/he signed out.
      • You might have ranked her/him: either you liked her/him and she/he should appear in your list or you removed her/him and it is not possible to find her/him anymore.

    • What does the red cross mean on profiles?

      If you don't want this profile to be suggested anymore, you can remove it by clicking on the red cross.

    • How do I like and list a profile?

      By giving 1 heart or more to a profile, it is automatically liked and added to your list.

  • Understand how interest work
    • What is it used for?

      It enables to display a compatibility score with other users and to suggest you first in search results of users you are the most compatible with.

    • What happens when I answer a question?

      This interest is automatically added to your profile interests if it is public and then used in compatibility tests with other users.

    • What is a public interest and what are the hidden interests?

      A public interest is an information which is not sensitive. When we ask a question considered as sensitive (religion, health, political views...), the question is preceded by "Private". This interest is then used in compatibility tests but it is not added to your profile and hidden to other users.

    • How can I answer a question?

      By swiping the card:

      • right: if you like
      • top: if you looooooooove!
      • left: if you hate
      • down: if you have no opinion

    • How can I modify an answer?

      When question is asked a second time, you can answer it again. We will then take into account the new answer.

  • My information
    • Which information can other users see in my profile?

      They can see:

      • Your name
      • Your age
      • Your city
      • Your company/university
      • Distance between you
      • Photos you added to your profile
      • Your interests/hobbies (public hobbies only)

    • I can't add more photos

      You can only add 5 photos. If you added less than 5 photos and are unable to load more, please let us know!

    • How can I remove a photo?

      Click on it and select "Delete".

  • Message other users
    • How can I send messages?

      To send a message, click on the message icon on the profile card.

    • Who can I message?

      You can only message your Wiz. Same thing for your Wiz, she/he can message you only!

    • I want to talk to another user.

      This other user has to be your Wiz then.

    • A discussion with antoher user is locked

      This user is not your Wiz anymore (and you're not her/his Wiz either).

    • My discussion disappeared

      User you had this discussion with deleted it, or you did it by clicking on the red cross.

    • How can I delete a discussion?

      Open the discussion you want to delete and click on the top right red cross.

    • If I delete a discussion, can the other user still see it?

      When you delete a discussion, it is removed from both list of discussions.